Kirikayan Luxury Pool Villas & Spa

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Cuitural Spa & Wellness

The beautiful and tranquil Kirin Spa is located within the equally stunning, and exclusive, Kirikayan Luxury Pool & Villas.
‘Kirin’ is the old traditional name which Thai people have given to the gorgeous and healing ‘White Lotus Flower’. Here at Kirin Spa we like to up-keep the tradition of using this healing flower, and include it in many of our exclusive spa treatments, these include the Lotus oil massage, Lotus body scrub and etc
Here at Kirin Spa you will find true relaxation, de-stress and recharge yourself with our exclusive spa treatments, simply relax and allow our highly trained and attentive therapists to pamper you in the warm, friendly and exotic atmosphere.
Our treatment programs are tailored to your individual requirements and will provide ultimate relaxation and a greatly enhanced sense of well-being. We guarantee your time here at the Kirin Spa will be a unforgettable experience.
At Kirin Spa you can even enjoy a refreshing and soothing cup of white lotus flower herbal tea, a wonderful compliment to any of our fantastic spa treatments.