Kirikayan Boutique Resort.

Thai wedding ceremony 95,000 Baht nett

Sequence of Thai wedding ceremony:

♥ Groom and all guests are led in procession from their room by long drum parade.All guests walking with parade and present symbol of wedding and wedding inside floral tray . Wedding symbol will arrange at wedding venue.

♥ Bridal parent arrival at wedding venue and entourage are seated.

♥ Bride had arrival at wedding venue.

♥ Bridal couple Wai parent (greeting in Thai style; press the hands together at the chest or forehead in sign of respect). Bridal couple exchange the wedding

♥ The blessing from the Buddhist monks commences.The Bridal couple and entourage are seated. The Bridal couple is invited to light the Candles and Incense The holy thread is placed on the couple’s head, symbolizing their joining together, and their foreheads are marked with power in the form and a triangular mark, for good luck and prosperous future. At the end of the blessing they offer the “Sungkatarn” ( Buddhist monks offerings ) to the monks. The couple and the guests then receive a final blessing of holy water from the monks as the ceremony comes.

♥ The Bride and the Groom then proceed to be seated at The Thai style wedding

♥ where they are subsequently blessed by everybody in attendance.

♥ Each guest pours spiritual water over their hands and wishes them well for the future.

Package Include:

The Day before…

♥ Full planning, organization and consultation with your own personal wedding Coordinator

♥ Pre-wedding spa treatment for two hours at Kirin Spa

♥ Round trip transfer for couple

Wedding day…

♥ Escort Monk to ceremony.

♥ Hotel Wedding Certificate .

♥ Floral decoration at wedding venue

♥ Special garland for Bride and Groom

♥ Holy thread

♥ Thai traditional long drum parade from couple’s room to hotel lobby.

♥ Meal to offer for Monk during ceremony

♥ Gifts for the monks (Sun-katarn)♥ Release bird to make merit

♥ Khan Mark ( Thai traditional flower arrangement tray)

♥ 3 Tiers Wedding cake (5 ponds)

♥ One Bottle of sparking wine for toasting.

The Day after…

♥ Romantic candle light dinner for Bride & Groom at sky terrace.

Choice of venues:

♥ Hotel Beach Front.

♥ By The Pool

♥ In the Villa